Definition of soundcheck in English:



  • A test of sound equipment before a musical performance or recording to check that the desired sound is being produced.

    • ‘With so many bands playing during one day, Bonneau reports that there are no soundchecks; instead, each band gets a line check.’
    • ‘Sometimes when you are doing a soundcheck in a big venue it feels unbelievably empty.’
    • ‘He is about to go to the soundcheck for an hour-long show in the evening in which he will preview the album for the first time.’
    • ‘At the soundcheck it was empty and it didn't look so big with no people in it, but then it filled and when we walked out it was a totally different story.’
    • ‘Yet production crunches often squeeze scheduling to the point where an adequate soundcheck is impossible.’
    • ‘The Dublin band were late for the soundcheck, but their crew said to go ahead and set up and everything would be okay.’
    • ‘This was possibly the band's first gig and I felt for them a bit coming on after that, especially as a limited soundcheck had left them not completely in tune with each other.’
    • ‘We did our soundcheck, and the guitarist was the last one to set up.’
    • ‘And time is always tight, whether during soundchecks or setting up for a tracking date.’
    • ‘But it takes so much time to travel to the venue and do the soundchecks and go back to the hotel, we're really busy on tour, so we don't really have time to get bored.’
    • ‘They leap to the stage, apologising profusely for not having a chance to do a soundcheck before coming on.’
    • ‘During the soundcheck, I was checking out the hot bassist.’
    • ‘This all saves money on hotels, and it allows us some hours in each town before the soundcheck - hours the crew uses to set up.’
    • ‘There were no soundchecks, and no rehearsals with the pick up band that were backing him.’
    • ‘This is jaded stuff from a bored band about the ennui of touring: the bus, the soundcheck, the hotel, the infernal chocolates on the turned-down bed, the infernal groupies...’
    • ‘The immense workload, combined with multiple back-to-back shows, meant that soundchecks were simply not possible on some days.’
    • ‘When I do soundchecks, I walk the deck and see, hear and feel what the artist does.’
    • ‘Whenever there were shows, we would all show up hours before even soundchecks because it was just so awesome and exciting.’
    • ‘Up on the stage, he is leading his band through a soundcheck that takes in an apparently random array of music.’
    • ‘I love York because I love the history of the city, particularly the Romans, and I always try to zoom around town between the soundcheck and the show.’