Definition of soundboard in English:


(also sounding board)


  • A thin sheet of wood over which the strings of a piano or similar instrument are positioned to increase the sound produced.

    • ‘Non-expanded polycarbonate struts under the soundboard provide the stiffness that is needed to withstand the tension from the strings.’
    • ‘Frank once had me cut a piece of foam out and mount a Pignose amp on the harp of a Bosendorfer grand piano, pointing down to the soundboard in the piano.’
    • ‘They began to construct the entire instrument out of wood, even the soundboards which were previously made with rawhide.’
    • ‘The piano's construction, with its longest strings and the majority of its soundboard in the lower register, makes bringing out soprano lines especially difficult.’
    • ‘The soundboards are made of the finest wood and there is more hands-on work and design by the top craftspeople in the field.’