Definition of sound post in English:

sound post


  • A small wooden rod wedged between the front and back surfaces of a violin or similar instrument and modifying its vibrations.

    • ‘It is advisable to loosely string the ‘G’ and ‘E’ strings first and then place the bridge on the spider with minimum tension before placing the two sound posts in position.’
    • ‘A good violin, however, may not be harmed if it is without a sound post for a short period of time, but an instrument should not be left in this situation for long.’
    • ‘We also have bridges, saddles, nuts, end pins, sound posts and other double bass parts available.’
    • ‘Douglas’ design does away with the soundwell and utilizes sound posts to support the top.’
    • ‘The sound post must be properly set in order to obtain the richness of sound from the instrument.’