Definition of sound off in English:

sound off

phrasal verb

  • Express one's opinions in a loud or forceful manner:

    ‘Pietro started sounding off to the press’
    • ‘Our very opinionated panel sounds off on the day's major stories.’
    • ‘The Chancellor is certainly more than capable of sounding off about him, and the relationship between the two is said to be worse than ever.’
    • ‘He's sounding off about corporate scandals one moment, and his record collection the next.’
    • ‘And it's all about how no-one takes any notice of him when he sounds off about crime and immigration.’
    • ‘At the same time she can generally shake off any criticism levelled at her for occasionally speaking out loud or just plain sounding off.’
    • ‘It is a quasi-governmental body, not just some obscure think-tank sounding off.’
    • ‘Is this just a personal pet peeve of yours, or are your constituents actually sounding off on the issue?’
    • ‘But some dissidents were only interested in sounding off for the benefit of their constituents.’
    • ‘Our panel sounds off on the political news of the week.’
    • ‘The opposition are sounding off, but I guess by now they are in the habit of moaning about anything the government does.’
    speak at length, talk at length, speak, talk, go on, hold forth
    declaim, discourse, spout, expatiate, pontificate, orate, preach, sermonize
    lecture, harangue, fulminate, rant
    spiel, speechify, preachify, drone on
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