Definition of soul-searching in English:



mass noun
  • Deep and anxious consideration of one's emotions and motives or of the correctness of a course of action.

    ‘my conclusions required a great deal of soul-searching’
    • ‘Obviously, in Britain and elsewhere, it has lead to a certain amount of soul-searching about whether multiculturalism has worked.’
    • ‘I've been doing a lot of thinking and soul-searching lately, and I'm not sure I like what I'm discovering.’
    • ‘Last night, in a room full of poets, I found their endless raw emotionalism and soul-searching really irksome.’
    • ‘These people need to do some serious soul-searching.’
    • ‘After a great deal of soul-searching, I finally arrived at a conclusion.’
    • ‘We are, very simply, unprepared for dealing with pangs of shame or for undertaking spiritual soul-searchings.’
    • ‘Much soul-searching, tactical strategising and ideological debates have been taking place within the activist community.’
    • ‘It took a great deal of meticulous soul-searching for Franklin to conclude that he was sick of being part of the establishment.’
    • ‘Basically, what I'm trying to say, is, after careful deliberation and soul-searching, I work alone.’
    • ‘The experience was a time of deep reflection and soul-searching.’
    • ‘And for me at a personal level, it caused I think a deep desire to do soul-searching, like it did for a lot of people.’
    • ‘With prayer and much soul-searching, Hobson examined his state before God and his motives for seeking office as a minister in the church.’
    • ‘As he began what at first looked like typical adolescent soul-searching, his parents stayed lovingly supportive.’
    • ‘There's something about lording over personal servants that lends itself to deep soul-searching.’
    • ‘After a divorce, a person may be in the process of healing or deep soul-searching.’
    • ‘They did a lot of soul-searching after the deal fell apart and concluded that they had to expand their horizons.’
    • ‘After much consideration and soul-searching, it was clear that I no longer had any feelings for my ex-wife.’
    • ‘The planning of any home begins with a great deal of soul-searching.’
    • ‘I have a lot of thinking to do, a lot of soul-searching to find my motives for wanting to do this and for why I haven't already.’
    • ‘There is a great deal of soul-searching, it seems, but not to the detriment of the listeners' enjoyment, for the music is far from downbeat.’
    brooding, self-analysis, heart-searching, introversion, self-observation, self-absorption
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  • Involving or expressing deep and anxious consideration of one's emotions or motives.

    ‘after a long, soul-searching conversation, they were finally reconciled’
    • ‘Ten months of rehab for each knee; nearly two years of lonely, soul-searching nights and monotonous, isolated days.’
    • ‘If you believe the media, England is consumed by a deep and soul-searching debate about the state of the national sport.’
    • ‘She sighed and settled in for a soul-searching session.’
    • ‘The film offers a picture of a soul-searching artist in socially turbulent times.’
    • ‘Young people on a quest to define their identity have never become more soul-searching and desperate.’
    • ‘A soul-searching eyewitness account and immediate action by a journalist helped to at least nab the culprit.’
    • ‘Shane Bradley is a 28-year-old writer, gambler and soul-searching drifter.’
    • ‘The result is a repertoire of heart-wrenching, soul-searching works that communicate the ecstasy and agony of the human condition.’
    • ‘It was better to hide from his soul-searching gaze.’
    • ‘Laura and I did a lot of talking during that time, a lot of very serious, deep, soul-searching talking.’
    • ‘I promise we can do this whole soul-searching gut-spilling confession thing tomorrow.’
    • ‘Your team will need to have soul-searching conversations about the supplier responses.’
    • ‘It was a powerful, soul-searching gaze that bore into him uncomfortably.’
    • ‘But as the drama begins to unfold, it poses soul-searching questions.’
    • ‘Hal admits to having taken it, and after a long soul-searching conversation, father and son are finally reconciled.’
    • ‘What's going on is that perhaps Rashid had some enlightenment after a deep soul-searching session.’
    • ‘Then I had a long, soul-searching time, when I really stopped making movies so that I could raise my kids.’
    • ‘It is a soul-searching journey, incorporating mind matters and spirit matters, a gradual awakening to the joys of spiritual awareness on a road to discovery.’
    • ‘All you can do is ask yourself some difficult, soul-searching questions and see what the answers bring.’
    • ‘Sometimes the realization comes from a self-evaluating, soul-searching process.’