Definition of soukous in English:



mass noun
  • A style of African popular music characterized by syncopated rhythms and intricate contrasting guitar melodies, originating in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire).

    • ‘Over three days and nights, popular Creole musical forms such as cadence-lypso, compass, zouk, soukous, and bouyon ring out alongside Creole-influenced reggae and soca.’
    • ‘Throughout his career he has experimented with diverse musical genres as rumba, soukous, salsa, highlife and Afrobeat.’
    • ‘The first volume concentrated on eight West African countries, but this second selection is an entirely Congolese mixture of rumba roots and early soukous.’
    • ‘Congo jazz and soukous, played on a guitar, are popular varieties for such dances.’
    • ‘A maximum of five contestants vie in categories dedicated to dancehall, reggae, soukous, African, compass/racine, calypso, Latin, and gospel music.’


Perhaps from French secouer ‘to shake’.