Definition of sotto voce in English:

sotto voce

adverb & adjective

  • (of singing or a spoken remark) in a quiet voice.

    [as adverb] ‘‘It won't be cheap,’ he added sotto voce’
    [as adjective] ‘a sotto voce remark’
    • ‘A technique that avoids confrontation is called the sotto voce technique.’
    softly, making little noise, in a low voice, in hushed tones, in low tones, in muted tones, in subdued tones, in a mumble, in a murmur, in a whisper, murmuringly, under one's breath, in an undertone, sotto voce, gently, faintly, weakly, feebly
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From Italian sotto under + voce voice.


sotto voce

/ˌsɒtəʊ ˈvəʊtʃeɪ/