Definition of sosatie in English:



  • A South African dish of cubes of curried or spiced meat grilled on a skewer.

    • ‘Other favorite dishes include morogo or imifino, a wild leaf stew; bobotie, a minced beef curry; bitlong, which is dried meat similar to jerky; a fried bread called vetkoek; and sosaties, which are made of marinated lamb and apricots.’
    • ‘Next to Ndlovu's house we said hi to Bra Futji and bought snacks: chicken ‘afval’ and sosaties grilled right there on the coal griller.’
    • ‘Another tradition is the braai, which had been cooked on a wood fire, often including sosaties and boerewors as well as steak.’
    • ‘Connoisseurs Cookery and Hospitality College will have vetkoek with mince curry, breyani, chicken and apricot curry, bobotie and sosaties on offer.’
    • ‘Like a genuine bazaar, brötchens, sausage rolls, hotdogs, pancakes, hamburgers, koeksisters, boerewors and sosaties with various cakes and puddings will be served.’


Afrikaans; compare with satay.