Definition of sorted in English:



  • 1Organized, arranged, or dealt with satisfactorily.

    ‘‘And your social commitments?’ ‘They're well sorted’’
    ‘he's working on that old car he's been trying to get sorted’
    • ‘I'll be hosted at that most excellent and free site for now, until I get some space of my own sorted.’
    • ‘The damp-proofing's almost all shot through, and we arranged to get this all sorted way back in the spring of 2001.’
    • ‘I've got three out of my four couples sorted for the photoshoot on Tuesday.’
    • ‘We were more relaxed and had the routine sorted by then.’
    • ‘Gilliam is desperate to shoot film, but can't until the money's sorted.’
    • ‘Maybe it'll still be a bargain when this move's sorted and things are easier money-wise.’
    • ‘It took a bit of organising at first, to get the kids sorted and to make the time to do it, but once we were out there on the lanes it was amazing.’
    • ‘Except, as anybody who has ever been to Berwick knows, it never has been quite sorted.’
    • ‘I would like to go to college but as I said my landlady has been on my back about not paying her so I need to get that sorted first.’
    • ‘I of course primarily want this sorted ASAP, I want to have heating and hot water.’
    • ‘Most countries have a good network of ATMs nowadays and as long as you've got the correct card you're sorted.’
    • ‘Still it's sorted now, as far as I know, which is a good thing.’
    • ‘That's sorted then, or it will be when the deal closes at the end of the year.’
    • ‘Shopping for men used to be easy, a nice tie, a good bottle of Scotch, an electric razor and you were sorted.’
    • ‘I think it's sorted now but if anybody notices anything funny going on with the site's layout would they be so kind as to leave a comment or drop me an email.’
    • ‘Someone who does have composition sorted is Japanese composer Tsutomu Tagashira.’
    • ‘Venue sorted, first sponsor secured - just need to get the invitations out now.’
    • ‘We could have waited forever to try to get the cash absolutely right, but finally we decided to get going, even though the money side was far from sorted.’
    1. 1.1 (of a person) confident, organized, and emotionally well balanced.
      ‘after a while, you realize they're not as sorted as they seem’
      ‘a pretty sorted kind of bloke’
      • ‘But the important thing is that her children are amazingly sorted, considering their parents are not together.’
      • ‘To be honest, I've never really met a ceremonial magician who has seemed really balanced and sorted because of doing this sort of work.’
      • ‘I think students also see these people as confident, secure and sorted.’
      • ‘We are a mixed bunch, full of sorted women and financially-challenged men.’
      • ‘My character is very grounded, sorted and confident in her sexuality.’
    2. 1.2 (of a person) prepared for or provided with something (especially illegal drugs)
      ‘Are you sorted? This is good stuff—it'll keep you going all night’