Definition of sort someone out in English:

sort someone out

phrasal verb

  • Deal with a troublesome person, typically by reprimanding or punishing them.

    ‘if he can't pay you, I'll sort him out’
    • ‘I will be back with an army of men from Manchester to sort you out.’
    • ‘He directed the defendant to leave the area but he failed to comply and remarked: ‘He was going to sort this out and he was going to sort me out.’’
    • ‘Die the death you deserve, and let God sort you out.’
    • ‘He'll turn up in the morning to sort us out, that's for sure.’
    • ‘If you don't get (my son] sorted, I will come back and sort you out.’
    • ‘Unless we get our act together God will sort us out!’
    • ‘Because he was the one who openly declared after taking power that he would sort India out and avenge Kargil.’
    • ‘I expect some folk will take this opportunity to tell my parents how bad I've been - that I've completely back-slidden and they'd better sort me out while they're here.’
    • ‘She turned around to see Weston pedalling away and he yelled at her: ‘I know where you live and I'm going to sort you out.’’
    • ‘Later, an improbable cop sorts Clem out: ‘You're what I call a sins-of-the-world type.’’
    • ‘‘Malmesbury School is trying to sort Tom out but it seems to be making things worse,’ he said.’