Definition of sordidness in English:



  • See sordid

    • ‘He lived a secretive, closeted life, tormented by illicit desires and guilt at what he called, in one diary entry, ‘the sordidness of much of my past.’’
    • ‘I think what I was commenting on there was the fact that I despise sordidness and low-life, and avoided it at all costs.’
    • ‘And it's the perfect choice if you want to wallow in 80s-style sordidness.’
    • ‘After calls to 8 or 10 other producers in town, none of whom was willing to get involved with such sordidness, Leslie told them to call me.’
    • ‘In the daily grind of city life, amid all the sordidness and grime, flowers never really proclaim their presence, except to the keen-eyed.’