Definition of sorceress in English:



  • A female sorcerer; a witch.

    • ‘However, they did not know that actually some of them are sorcerers and sorceresses…’
    • ‘So, you just mindlessly kill all sorcerers and sorceresses?’
    • ‘Melayn was the High Sorceress, the highest possible rank a sorceress could hope to attain.’
    • ‘She has an army and a counsel of twelve sorceresses.’
    • ‘He could tell easily that they were black sorceresses.’
    • ‘She was considered to be a sorceress who could make the Moon disappear at will.’
    • ‘She took in a deep breath and wondered if she looked like a mystical sorceress with all her hair waving wildly about her.’
    • ‘And so, to make certain that the sorceress's prophecy did not come to pass, the king disguised himself as a traveling merchant and set off for the peasant's home.’
    • ‘The sorceresses signed a treaty with the queen and now no one will help us.’
    • ‘Slowly the other sorceresses and magicians had reclaimed some of the colors, but they were rare and hard to conjure.’
    • ‘She is to stand trial and to be punished by the counsel of sorceresses.’
    • ‘‘My Lady, just call me Glenda, a seer or a sorceress others would say,’ she replied with a smile.’
    • ‘Besides, many demons want to recruit powerful sorcerers and sorceresses.’
    • ‘It's hidden because that's the graveyard of sorceresses and sorcerers.’
    • ‘They called them sorceresses or ‘people who divined by the spirit.’’
    • ‘But it's true, there's no such thing as sorcerers or sorceresses.’
    • ‘Sometimes she sends a sorceresses or two to help a kingdom that she favors.’
    • ‘Her mother was one of the most feared sorceresses around.’
    • ‘Where did I fit into this strange universe with sorceresses and powerful stones.’
    • ‘Aidia's other sister Brianina was studying to become one of the greatest, and most powerful sorceresses in the world.’
    sorcerer, sorceress, witch, wizard, warlock, enchanter, enchantress, necromancer, spellcaster, druid, shaman, witch doctor, magus, alchemist
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