Definition of sorbet in English:



  • 1A water ice.

    ‘a delicious fruit sorbet’
    mass noun ‘they ate orange sorbet’
    • ‘She insists I try the sorbet made from her favourite Meyer lemons and then the vanilla panna cotta with slices of kumquat in a slick of sweet local honey.’
    • ‘Other desserts include bananas or papaya in caramel and cream sauce, bread pudding with custard, coconut or banana tarts, delicious coconut sorbet, and a mean coconut nougat.’
    • ‘Secure the saffron crisps into the lime sorbet and sprinkle the top of the sorbet with saffron threads.’
    • ‘Fruit-flavored ice creams, sorbets and sherbets benefit from the use of vanilla because the ingredient can balance out acidic notes of the citrus or fruit product.’
    • ‘I also need filet mignon, cheeseburgers, every type of ice cream and sorbet, plus fresh fruit and snacks.’
    • ‘Long before the modern refrigerator was invented, adventurous cooks were using mixtures of crushed ice and salt to chill syrups into sorbets, and custards into ice creams.’
    • ‘When I asked tremulously for an ice cream at Le Caprice and was presented instead with a sorbet, I perceived deliberate deceit and collapsed into hysterical sobs.’
    • ‘The latest celebrity accessory is a personal kitchen devil capable of rustling up anything from a pomegranate sorbet to a finger-food feast for 500.’
    • ‘A six-shooter of ice creams and sorbets in tall glass cylinders is wonderfully pretty, though a more adventurous mix of flavors would be welcome.’
    • ‘While I can refuse the warm dark chocolate torte with white chocolate sorbet and the pink grapefruit, orange and mango terrine I am powerless to resist the home-made cookies and ice-cream.’
    • ‘Pudding was a passion fruit sorbet which Ronay pronounced the best sorbet he had ever eaten, and we finished the meal with coffee and Armagnac.’
    • ‘We headed straight to Ciao Bella, famous for its sorbets and gelati.’
    • ‘Fill each cone with Champagne sorbet, Pinot Noir sorbet, and port sorbet and drizzle some caramel sauce and port sauce around the dish.’
    • ‘At my outdoor market, I've been buying colorful blood oranges from Tunisia and Spain and making refreshing sorbets, then candying the peel to serve alongside.’
    • ‘Finally, shortly before serving, the chefs add a blood-orange sorbet and a drizzle of blueberry compôte.’
    • ‘For dessert we finished with either the assorted flavoured sorbets or rum brownies with ice-cream which was absolutely fantastic and I can't fault them on their food.’
    • ‘You could, of course, use a home-made sorbet, but I find making one ice at a time is enough.’
    • ‘These are topped off by a variety of puddings ranging from light sorbets to incredibly rich chocolate mousses.’
    • ‘Raspberry souffle with a raspberry sorbet was of a far higher order.’
    • ‘Any dessert with a sorbet or ice cream will give pleasure here.’
    ice cream
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  • 2archaic An Arabian sherbet.

    • ‘That's right, sherbets and sorbets originally were drinks made from sweetened fruit juice.’


Late 16th century: from French, from Italian sorbetto, from Turkish şerbet, based on Arabic šariba ‘to drink’; compare with sherbet.