Definition of soprano recorder in English:

soprano recorder


North American
  • The most common size of recorder, with a range of two octaves from the C above middle C upward; a descant recorder.

    • ‘In the other was Breathless I, a soprano recorder made of wood, drilled through with over 100 precise round holes.’
    • ‘Another manipulated instrument is the ‘clariflute,’ which is a soprano recorder with a clarinet mouthpiece.’
    • ‘Its tone is piping and gracious, perhaps in between that of a soprano recorder and an Irish penny-whistle!’
    • ‘Sometimes it toots high, like a superior soprano recorder and sometimes a bit lower (like an alto recorder) but the tootiness, sadly, persists.’
    • ‘The real focus of the program, however, is the four concerti for recorder, featuring Matthias Maute on alto recorder once, soprano recorder twice, and a humorously small sopranino recorder for the final piece.’


soprano recorder