Definition of sooner or later in English:

sooner or later


  • At some future time; eventually.

    ‘you'll have to tell him sooner or later’
    • ‘All roads from Sudan lead there, sooner or later, including in the most literal sense, even today.’
    • ‘Marissa glared at him hoping that maybe he'd get the hint sooner or later and finally stop.’
    • ‘The company clearly committed wrongs, and was bound to cause a storm in the business world sooner or later.’
    • ‘They all either know each other or will get to know each other, sooner or later.’
    • ‘Silence and political oblivion come, sooner or later, for every Prime Minister.’
    • ‘Environmental changes in one area of the world eventually affect the rest sooner or later.’
    • ‘I sometimes think singles are pointless because the album will come sooner or later.’
    • ‘When it happens, as it must happen sooner or later, I believe it will happen this way.’
    • ‘The internet will become part of everyone's daily routine sooner or later.’
    • ‘And some day, sooner or later, it will have a leader who acknowledges that fact with pride.’
    eventually, in the end, in the long run, at length, finally, sooner or later, in time, in the fullness of time, after some time, in the final analysis, when all is said and done, one day, some day, sometime, at last, at long last
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