Definition of sonorously in English:


Pronunciation /səˈnɔːrəsli//ˈsɒn(ə)rəsli/


  • See sonorous

    • ‘His voice wafted over the crowd as sonorously as ever.’
    • ‘Bridge is sung sonorously but very low-key and just when you think it is going to fade away like the dying light, the band, a percussive juggernaut, bounces dramatically into Graceland.’
    • ‘However, it soon becomes clear, that this is an inversion of cinematic practice, with the sonorously intoned Russian voice-over and English subtitles providing the drive in place of visual information.’
    • ‘It was a 10-minute homage to himself, sonorously narrated by Gregory Peck and made on the orders of the White House staff to introduce the new president to a sceptical public after Kennedy's assassination.’
    • ‘Nearly 400 objects from scores of collections in 21 countries were reverentially presented in a suite of sonorously colored galleries.’