Definition of sonogram in English:



  • 1A graph representing a sound, showing the distribution of energy at different frequencies.

    • ‘Research using sonograms (device for visualizing sound), hydrophones, and other acoustical devices have shown that that these whales produce two sounds termed A or B calls.’
    • ‘After amassing a collection of sonograms, scientists can build a dictionary of sounds and search for patterns.’
    • ‘A link brings you to an informative introduction, followed by a list of six birds whose sounds are represented as sonograms and in musical notation.’
    • ‘Since the researchers only hear and see the sounds as played back over a sonogram (a device for visualizing sounds), they're not certain as to which or how many whales are responsible for the calls they detect.’
    • ‘Cross-correlation coefficients computed from comparisons of sonograms reflect differences in the spectral and temporal characteristics of the call, as well as differences in signal-to-noise ratio.’
  • 2A visual image produced from an ultrasound examination.

    • ‘The sonograms, which prognosticated a boy, were wrong.’
    • ‘In contrast, a bilateral, solid, irregular, and fixed mass palpated or seen on sonogram should alert the clinician to a possible carcinoma.’
    • ‘A sonogram uses sound waves to make pictures of organs in the body.’
    • ‘Instead, he may use sound waves for a sonarlike mapping power that doesn't need x-rays - much as doctors use sound to create sonograms of unborn babies.’
    • ‘A routine trip to DJ's doctor turned into a trip to the radiologist and x-rays and sonograms and all the stuff that comes with that.’