Definition of sonically in English:



  • See sonic

    • ‘The rest of the disc isn't as sonically edgy, but the sounds and settings that Bowie & Ronson worked up for each are strikingly appropriate.’
    • ‘It is sonically dense and a little chilly; as though Oberst is attempting his own badlands version of Bowie's late-70s Berlin trilogy.’
    • ‘The collection is organized sonically rather than chronologically, which makes for a more coherent listening experience, but kind of tells the story out of order as a result.’
    • ‘The Wipers, a band originating from Portland, OR, has consistently released sonically diverse records since the late 70's.’
    • ‘Seemingly close, the sound is actually remote, and the distance - not just in epochs, but of space itself - feels sonically tangible.’