Definition of songline in English:



usually songlines
  • 1(in Australian Aboriginal belief) a route through the landscape which is believed to have been travelled during the Dreamtime (or Alcheringa) and which features a series of landmarks thought to relate to events that happened during this time.

    • ‘If we were Australian aboriginals, wouldn't we be fighting to resist this erosion of our songlines and sacred places, by the secular powers-that-be?’
    • ‘Even today aborigines in the outback habitually go walkabout to experience what they call the "songlines", singing the old songs and tunes and thereby continuing the very essence of creation.’
    • ‘An expert song-man, by listening to their order of succession, would count how many times his hero crossed a river, or scaled a ridge - and be able to calculate where, and how far along, a Songline he was.’
    • ‘Here in Sydney though, this is where the songlines of hundreds of thousands of years really soured for our people.’
    • ‘This recognizes that there is a dimension of political identity and boundary marking in songlines.’
    1. 1.1 A traditional song or story recording a journey made during the Dreamtime.
      • ‘The dance became an important part of setting the structure of who we are, what our songs and our songlines are.’
      • ‘And all of their dreamtime stories, all of their songlines are all about the plants and the animals and the stories of how everything came to be.’