Definition of songlike in English:



  • Resembling a song in melody or structure.

    ‘groups of notes are repeated in a songlike pattern’
    • ‘One selection should be song-like and slow, emphasizing the expressive side of your playing, and the other should be more technical.’
    • ‘The third movement had songlike elegance.’
    • ‘Its songlike theme on the saxophone, reminiscent of a Red Indian incantation, leads to a towering and glowing climax.’
    • ‘Its songlike qualities create the perfect atmosphere for a writing project in which the kids are asked to choose their favorite character in the story and write a rap song about him or her.’
    • ‘Humpback whales, last commercially killed 40 years ago, are a marquee species in the billion-dollar-a-year whale-watching industry because of their dramatic leaps and songlike vocalizations.’
    • ‘Instead, the symphony is built on song-like thematic fragments of Kancheli's own devising, deployed and contrasted with unusually colourful orchestration.’
    • ‘The central adagio is cast in the simplest of forms, being a juxtaposition of two song-like themes.’
    • ‘His mastery of cadence often lends his poems a dreamy, song-like quality.’
    • ‘Unsurprisingly, the poems are rather songlike.’
    • ‘A careful attention to the sounds they make reveals a very song-like character.’
    • ‘Even religious services are chanted in song-like fashion rather than read.’
    • ‘It is song-like movements like this which remind us forcibly of Lloyd s foreshortened career in opera writing and render its termination all the more regrettable.’
    • ‘She possessed a pleasing countenance not to mention a songlike voice.’
    lyric, melodic, musical, melodious, rhapsodic, poetic
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