Definition of songcraft in English:



mass noun
  • The art or skill of writing or composing songs.

    • ‘Man-Made is a lazy, hazy exercise in unadorned songcraft, packed with melodies that insinuate themselves with sweet simplicity.’
    • ‘In keeping the focus strictly on sublime songcraft, the Kings of Convenience have drafted a love letter to solid pop tradition.’
    • ‘But no matter how you feel about their all-conquering brand of maudlin songcraft, Travis haven't changed.’
    • ‘It's catchy and displays a keen sense of song craft.’
    • ‘From those lovely people who know a thing or two about pristine song craft down at the aural laboratories of Static Caravan records.’
    • ‘But despite developing their songcraft in the years since, dwindling album sales have seen them slip off the radar of popular imagination.’
    • ‘A gripping and ultimately enduring release borne of a timeless song craft and precariously married to a deeply maddening anxious hurt.’
    • ‘The unwieldy jams curtailed in favor of tighter arrangements and improved songcraft.’
    • ‘His digressive impulses held in check, Prince returns to what he's so masterfully good at: songcraft and groove.’
    • ‘The celebrated poet and novelist knows his songcraft and is, at heart, an indie kid.’
    • ‘In summing up her career, this icon of cerebral West Coast songcraft has produced a substantial body of work without one iota of sentimentality.’
    • ‘Both songs are remarkable works of songcraft, with meticulous arrangements that balance unconventional chord progressions with moments of pure melodic grace.’
    • ‘It's an earnest exploration of the universality of music and truly good songcraft.’
    • ‘The songcraft has improved too, reflecting a shift in process.’
    • ‘What sparked such fine songcraft is the sudden wake-up call of The Beatles, who were taking America by storm.’
    • ‘His band of crack musicians work beautifully to bring out the best of Rouse's unique songcraft.’
    • ‘Fortunately, with Happiness in Magazines, his by-the-numbers approach to songcraft has finally yielded its most copious rewards.’
    • ‘The result is that the album allows the band's considerable songcraft to combine with their geeky tendencies in a way that feels perfectly natural.’
    • ‘They say she brought underground chops to classic songcraft, reconciled seventies soul with nineties grit.’
    • ‘These days, his collection reveals a deep-rooted appreciation of traditional songcraft.’