Definition of song flight in English:

song flight


mass noun
  • Territorial display flight that involves song, as in the skylark.

    • ‘Bluethroat, Luscinia svecica, males with extrapair offspring in their nest did not differ from those with full paternity with respect to song activity and song flight.’
    • ‘The song flight of Woodlark usually takes place around dawn but can also occur well before first light and in the evening.’
    • ‘Often inconspicuous on the ground, it is easy to see when in its distinctive song flight.’
    • ‘Black-fronted Dotterels are often found on the banks of permanent water bodies in central Australia, and seem to have a habit of giving a song flight in the pre-dawn hours.’
    • ‘Most larks have a well-developed song which they often deliver as part of a song flight.’