Definition of son of a gun in English:

son of a gun


North American
  • A jocular or affectionate way of addressing or referring to someone.

    ‘he's a pretentious son of a gun, but he's got a heart of gold’
    • ‘He's a tough son of a gun, but when he learns how to play blocks better, using his hands better, he'll be a difference maker.’
    • ‘James, you are one cold, calculating son of a gun.’
    • ‘As I bent to pick it up, I noticed the silvery glint of the top of a can and a bit of green label through one of the torn corners and awareness dawned: son of a gun, my Old Man had come through for me!’
    • ‘I knew I'd get a laugh sooner or later from this son of a gun.’
    • ‘Cale is an irritating, hypocritical son of a gun, isn't he?’
    • ‘But don't forget, I am a resourceful son of a gun.’
    • ‘If it takes another day, another week, a month, another five years, we are going to get this son of a gun.’
    • ‘‘He's one tough son of a gun,’ said a former employee.’
    • ‘He's not a bashful-type person; a real son of a gun, I'll tell you that.’
    • ‘Adam, you son of a gun, if I'da seen her first, there's no way she would have gone for you, not with me around.’


son of a gun

/ˌsʌn əv ə ˈɡʌn/