Definition of somoni in English:



  • The basic monetary unit of Tajikistan, equal to one hundred dirams.

    • ‘In 2008, 256.759 million somonis are expected to be spent on the health sector, 44 percent more than in 2007.’
    • ‘In the 1st quarter of 2007 in order to perform nature-conservative measures 4.6 million somoni were paid.’
    • ‘The exchange rate between US dollar and Tajik somonis will be advised on request for purpose of payment for obtaining bidding documents.’
    • ‘Output of consumer goods rose 7.2 per cent to 874.4 million somoni in the nine months.’
    • ‘Over this period, the somoni managed to rise in value against foreign currencies.’


Tajik, from the name of Ismail Samani, the 9th-century founder of the Tajik nation.