Definition of somnambulist in English:



  • See somnambulism

    • ‘Was the somnambulist an ‘automaton’ or what some French psychologists called an automate conscient?’
    • ‘It was not set up by somnambulists who built it in their sleep.’
    • ‘Juries have reason to be skeptical, but there is plenty of scientific evidence to suggest that sleepwalkers, or somnambulists, can engage in complex behavior.’
    • ‘The intense bitterness eventually gave way to a melancholic paralysis in which all, save the children, became walking-wounded somnambulists lingering in dusty hallways awaiting blessed bedtime.’
    • ‘Before and beyond they are sleeping, somnambulists - and, in fact, the physical appearance of Dix both in the first and last scene suggests this state.’