Definition of somnambulantly in English:



  • See somnambulism

    • ‘This 1960 film is the third work by Frank Tashlin to feature Jerry Lewis somnambulantly broadcasting the treasures of his dreams; therefore, it's Tashlin's most psychoanalytic film to date.’
    • ‘No one really cares, and parading Congressional leadership out to somnambulantly mouth focus-group platitudes doesn't do anything to help anyone but Congressional leadership.’
    • ‘Songs like ‘Vesuvius’ and ‘Virginia’ amble along somnambulantly, and ‘Forthright’ conjures a Gothic insomnia as Chesnutt wanders a lonely house contemplating death and hominy.’
    • ‘Obese, and buzzing somnambulantly around a light bulb, they're easy to swat.’
    • ‘After watching the Pope's funeral, I staggered somnambulantly towards the Commons in search of breakfast.’