Definition of something of in English:

something of


  • To some degree.

    ‘Richard was something of an expert at the game’
    • ‘Both play for Saracens and they have formed something of a mutual admiration society.’
    • ‘What followed is something of a blur, of being led by the hand from bar to bar.’
    • ‘I think Cameron could be at the forefront of something of a revival for us northerly types.’
    • ‘He also seems to be a bit of a philosopher, which must be something of a prerequisite in his position.’
    • ‘There's something of the wizard in his bearing and you find yourself wanting to listen.’
    • ‘My friends think he is something of a bounder but he says it is totally out of character for him to behave in this way.’
    • ‘In the tourism business, holidays in the desert are something of a final frontier.’
    • ‘The city's most marketable tourist site has something of a classical air about it.’
    • ‘The couple met in Scotland about five years ago and Annabel has become something of a muse for him.’
    • ‘It feels like there's something of a production line going on with Scottish actors.’