Definition of something for the weekend in English:

something for the weekend


  • Used to refer to a condom or condoms.

    ‘something for the weekend, sir?’
    • ‘But what the heck, it was meant to add to your pulling power: if you were in luck the same barber might also offer you "something for the weekend".’
    • ‘Correct dispensing technique of "something for the weekend" in order to cause maximum embarrassment to the customer.’
    • ‘He's taken to asking me if I have anything planned for the weekend and I can't work out if this is a genuine enquiry or is a variant of ' something for the weekend, sir? '’
    • ‘While you might not be offered something for the weekend these days, there are a few reminders of the past, including old-style barber chairs.’
    • ‘Whatever happened to a nice sensible short back 'n sides, (heavy on the brylcreem, something for the weekend, cough cough)?’
    • ‘Gone are the days when the gents' barber quietly asked if you wanted something for the weekend.’
    • ‘It's like the days when men asked their barber for something for the weekend - no angler wants to be seen buying it.’