Definition of something fierce in English:

something fierce


North American
  • To a great and almost overwhelming extent.

    ‘I missed the country something fierce’
    • ‘Every time someone takes a step anywhere in the house, these flimsy windows rattle something fierce.’
    • ‘Lead guitarist Nick Valensi is sweating Joey Santiago something fierce here.’
    • ‘I bet it would increase the signal-to-noise ratio something fierce.’
    • ‘This morning, the snow is coming down something fierce.’
    • ‘But it's not fall - not yet, ladies - and I dare say your feet are going to stink something fierce when the next heat wave hits.’
    • ‘The Internet Activity policy chapped my hide something fierce.’
    • ‘I can deal with my mental radio, but I loathe anxiety something fierce.’
    • ‘And the wind has been blowing something fierce today.’
    • ‘Every day when I hear about some of our boys being killed, it pains me something fierce, but I still think it has to be done.’
    • ‘Dad's second mate is coughing something fierce, a little nun is staring into her coffee, her chin trembling.’