Definition of someone's better nature in English:

someone's better nature


  • A person's capacity for tolerance, generosity, or sympathy.

    ‘Charlotte planned to appeal to his better nature’
    • ‘With my charity night approaching, I would like to appeal to your better nature in asking for prizes in the raffle.’
    • ‘I think the ‘angels of our better nature’ whisper into our hearts that eating meat is wrong.’
    • ‘Perhaps if she told him about the baby, perhaps if she appealed to his better nature… Surely the life of an infant would mean something to him?’
    • ‘Despite our better nature, it seems, fear of foreigners or other strange-seeming people comes out when we are under stress.’
    • ‘And at this point Lucasta 's better nature prevailed.’
    • ‘But his better nature soon revealed to him the fault he had committed.’
    • ‘All we can do this week is appeal to their better nature and urge them to call off their mean-minded vandalism.’
    • ‘It prompts you to do things that go against your better nature.’
    • ‘We would appeal to their better nature and not pursue disciplinary action against these two men who only joined millions of England fans in watching the game.’
    • ‘I decided to appeal to the captain 's better nature and plead my inability until I had watched a few more times.’
    • ‘His rackety friends had returned to France and his better nature was in evidence.’
    • ‘Many had sacrificed the urgings of their better nature and committed shameful deeds for Stalin.’