Definition of some day in English:

some day

(also someday)


  • At some time in the future.

    ‘some day I'll live in the countryside’
    • ‘They learn to take orders so that someday, a few years later, they know how to give them.’
    • ‘He says he plans to start a family someday, but it's not clear how he could swing it.’
    • ‘These are questions the church is someday going to have to ask itself and it they aren't easy answers.’
    • ‘Keep that in mind if you feel the urge to change the tone of your writing someday.’
    • ‘My greatest fear is that she will die someday when there is no one home with her.’
    • ‘She remembered telling her father that someday she would live in a cabin in the woods.’
    • ‘I thought at first the sea might someday gnaw through the narrow midsection of the island.’
    • ‘I want to go home someday to see my relatives without feeling any fear of being suspected as a rebel as is the case now.’
    • ‘She only relented a few months later when my parents promised that I would someday go to college.’
    • ‘I live in hope that someday, someone out there wants the same things that you do.’
    • ‘I need a lot more money to support my family, especially if someday I have a baby.’
    • ‘I grew up wishing that someday, somewhere, a door would open and my father would come in.’
    • ‘I've already composed my reply in case I receive one of these letters someday.’
    • ‘There is good reason to believe that if the ban succeeds over here, it will someday reach your town.’
    • ‘It gives us the space we need to practice things we would like to be good at someday.’
    • ‘Perhaps a history of Bombay will be written someday which includes original research.’
    • ‘Okay, she will start to learn English at school someday but can I wait that long?’
    • ‘If feelings and demand for peace are strong enough, it could someday be a reality for our peoples.’
    • ‘Each passing moment never returns; every person you meet will someday die.’
    • ‘She told him that she prayed every night that someday Billy would come out and talk to her.’
    one day, one of these days, at some point in the future, at some time in the future, at a future date, at a future time, one of these fine days, sooner or later, by and by, in due course, in the fullness of time, in the long run
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some day