Definition of somatomedin in English:



mass nounBiochemistry
  • A hormone which acts as an intermediate in the stimulation of tissue growth by growth hormone.

    • ‘IGF-I (originally called somatomedin C) is a growth factor structurally related to insulin.’
    • ‘Because the liver also is a primary source of somatomedins, an estrogenic stimulus might ultimately increase somatomedin concentrations.’
    • ‘Contrary to that intuition, high amino acid divergence is also suggested in the SR-CI somatomedin B and transmembrane domains, neither of which is known to have direct interactions with bacteria.’
    • ‘This is accomplished through development of several small proteins called somatomedin which are formed in the liver.’


1970s: from somato- ‘of the body’ + ( inter)med(iary) + -in.