Definition of somatic mutation in English:

somatic mutation


mass nounBiology
  • The occurrence of a mutation in the somatic tissue of an organism, resulting in a genetically mosaic individual.

    • ‘A thorough analysis of frequency of somatic mutation in F. grandifolia is necessary to verify this conclusion.’
    • ‘One means by which these mutations occur is via somatic mutation or chromosomal deletion of one or both alleles.’
    • ‘This accumulation of errors has been called microsatellite instability, ubiquitous somatic mutation, or replication error rate.’
    • ‘A somatic mutation was determined to have occurred when one or more bands appeared in the tumor tissue in addition to those observed in the normal tissue of the same patient.’
    • ‘In the last two decades, many genes that display a tendency to undergo somatic mutation in various cancers have been identified.’