Definition of soman in English:



mass noun
  • A lethal organophosphorus nerve gas, developed in Germany during the Second World War.

    • ‘In another study, only those mice treated with a subcutaneous dose of 90 [micro] g/kg of soman which developed long-lasting convulsive seizures exhibited the neuropathological alterations.’
    • ‘Another experiment in the same year involved dripping liquid soman and two other nerve gases, sarin and GF, onto 396 men - but it went horribly wrong.’
    • ‘We conclude that HuBChE stabilization by covalent modification with soman is due to an increase in the free energy of the unfolded state.’
    • ‘This target list usually included sarin, soman, mustard, lewisite, cyclosarin, and fats, oils and wax to name a few.’
    • ‘For more than 15 years military officials sought the Food and Drug Administration's approval of a drug that combats the deadly nerve agent soman.’


1950s: from German, of unknown origin.