Definition of solvate in English:



[with object]
Pronunciation /sɒlˈveɪt/
  • (of a solvent) enter into reversible chemical combination with (a dissolved molecule, ion, etc.)

    ‘water can solvate both cations and anions’
    ‘the ions become solvated in the water, that is, they become hydrated’
    • ‘At this distance the ion is completely solvated by reservoir water and interaction with the channel is very weak.’
    • ‘In each simulation, the initial ion was solvated in a system of 216 waters.’
    • ‘In fact, it is still unclear if the superoxide anion is formed through peroxy radicals or through a reaction between solvated electron and molecular oxygen.’
    • ‘Solute molecules were solvated using a box of TIP3P water molecules with periodic boundary conditions.’
    • ‘In the first system, the phospholipid molecules were solvated by 6560 SPC water molecules.’
    go into solution, become a solution, break down
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Pronunciation /ˈsɒlveɪt/
  • A more or less loosely bonded complex formed between a solvent and a dissolved species.

    • ‘A solvate is a single crystalline phase of a given compound of specific chemical structure in which a solvent molecule or molecules have been incorporated into the crystal lattice.’
    • ‘If you avoid it completely, and you get the solvate, then is it not reasonable to go back to example 1 where it tells you that if you washed it in water, you got the anhydrate?’
    • ‘A compound may be able to form several sorts of solvate - different kinds of crystal containing solvent.’
    • ‘It has also been discovered that paroxetine hydrochloride can form crystalline solvates with certain solvents such as certain lower alcohols and acetone, in particular isopropyl alcohol.’


Early 20th century: formed irregularly from solve + -ate.