Definition of solitariness in English:



  • See solitary

    • ‘Nietzsche's iciness and coldness, the Alpine retreat and solitariness all have an effect in producing a complete and total nihilism - ‘no interests at all.’’
    • ‘The aura of solitariness that surrounds Don Pedro was perfectly handled by the camera in the final dance, as it left him to concentrate on the other revellers.’
    • ‘The speaker wakes up to find swallows etching his walls with shadow, and captures a big thing or two about solitariness, if that's not too juicy a word for loneliness.’
    • ‘And I answer, ‘Actually, we were talking about the solitariness of the ‘hill people.’’
    • ‘The strongest reason she knew for giving women every means of enlarging their sphere of action was the ultimate solitariness of life.’