Definition of solidly in English:



  • 1In a firm or secure manner.

    ‘a kick that connected solidly with Jonny's stomach’
    ‘the songs are solidly rooted in traditional structures’
    • ‘The downstairs fireplace rests solidly upon two concrete platform projections.’
    • ‘Installation took less than 30 seconds and attached solidly and firmly to the socket.’
    • ‘The centrifugal force that keeps the main rotor blades solidly rigid at 90 degrees to the hub will decay rapidly.’
    • ‘Are railings, especially those around stairs, solidly fastened?’
    • ‘The cylinder is now solidly locked against any further rotation and can only move forward.’
    1. 1.1 In a way that is physically strong.
      ‘the castle is solidly constructed out of black basalt’
      ‘he wasn't fat, but he was solidly built’
      • ‘At 195 pounds, he was a solidly rugged player.’
      • ‘His tall frame was solidly fit for the rigors of special ops missions.’
      • ‘Pigs are a bit larger and more solidly put together.’
      • ‘This sculptor's solidly muscular figures belong to the present, while embodying legacies that stretch deep into the past.’
      • ‘Jose was a solidly strong and clever man with big brown eyes and curly dark hair.’
    2. 1.2 In a thorough manner.
      ‘solidly researched news stories’
      ‘reasonable, solidly based standards’
      • ‘The war reparation issue is the most complex and solidly formulated on an international legitimacy status.’
      • ‘I am satisfied that Ernst and Young is working solidly on this process.’
      • ‘Durably built and solidly tested, these aerators are designed to provide reliable performance for all aeration practices.’
      • ‘Success was due in part to a solidly managed mail list from the Reform Party.’
      • ‘They were most of the time well thought over and solidly analyzed.’
  • 2Without any spaces or gaps.

    ‘books were packed solidly on to the shelves’
    • ‘Many curious objects and figures may be carved out of solidly packed balls of snow.’
    • ‘Plant in this a good stout post, and see that the earth is packed solidly around the post, so that it will stand firm and immovable.’
    • ‘All the air voids that were previously present in the soil mass are now replaced by solidly packed soil.’
    • ‘The glacier, whose great depths, maybe a kilometer or more to bedrock, would indeed be frozen and solidly compacted.’
    • ‘The collar joint may be solidly filled with mortar or grout, or partially filled with mortar.’
    1. 2.1 Without interruption; continuously.
      ‘it rained solidly for four hours’
      ‘I was laughing solidly for most of the half-hour’
      • ‘Been in a meeting with a bloke who talked solidly for two hours practically without taking a breath.’
      • ‘Last night, it barked solidly for three hours.’
      • ‘I cried solidly for weeks and struggled to understand why she had died.’
      • ‘The phones have been ringing solidly for three days.’
      • ‘There is a cast of 20 who have been working solidly for the last two weeks.’
    2. 2.2 In a unanimous or undivided manner.
      ‘the workers were solidly united’
      as submodifier ‘a solidly Republican state’
      • ‘In the northwestern part of the city, a solidly working-class area, people are concerned about the outcome of the election.’
      • ‘They made a pathetic declaration and promise to cooperate solidly and amicably with the new administration.’
      • ‘The corporate elite there is solidly behind the Indo-Pakistan peace process.’
      • ‘The strike was solidly supported by thousands of drivers, signallers, and maintenance staff.’
      • ‘Since the Republicans now solidly control the legislature, they hold the winning hand.’
  • 3In a dependable or reliable manner.

    ‘the company had performed solidly in difficult times’
    • ‘The businessman in him remains solidly focused on the bottom line.’
    • ‘His sympathies were solidly with the backward classes.’
    • ‘Despite his rooftop vantage point, he remains solidly earthbound.’
    • ‘These anthologies from the 1940s were solidly devoted to strange tales, more often than not ghost stories, from the pens of non-genre writers.’
    • ‘He remained solidly loyal to the Anglican Church throughout his career.’
    1. 3.1 In a sound or consistent manner but without any special qualities or flair.
      ‘Fleetwood batted solidly if unspectacularly’
      as submodifier ‘it's a solidly entertaining movie, nothing more’
      • ‘Had the movie concentrated more on the music, it might have been a solidly enjoyable example of light entertainment.’
      • ‘Most satisfying is that he is playing solidly on both offense and defense.’
      • ‘Simes pitched solidly, but errors hurt his cause.’
      • ‘With each character's introduction, the film ups the ante on the promise of a good yarn solidly told.’
      • ‘He expressed confidence that the team will perform solidly enough to finish in the top 12.’