Definition of solidity in English:



  • 1[mass noun] The quality or state of being firm or strong in structure:

    ‘the sheer strength and solidity of Romanesque architecture’
    • ‘Following it, they have regrouped and gone back to the basics, working hard and showing solidity and strength in defence.’
    • ‘Nevertheless it has remained largely unscathed by bomb or administrator since: its sheer solidity makes any alteration an expensive option.’
    • ‘Sliding behind the futuristic facia there is a tangible feeling of both solidity and comfort.’
    • ‘At the center of the web is a steel stair tower, giving a sense of solidity to the otherwise delicate structure.’
    • ‘Once something is in the digital realm it loses its physical solidity, most likely for ever.’
    • ‘Judging by the size and weight of the car and the way it has been put together, it gives a reassuring air of solidity.’
    • ‘The Polo impresses immediately by the quality and solidity of its build.’
    • ‘It has a sense of solidity which is a reflection of the whole ethos of the car.’
    • ‘The gently-tapered barrel is especially pleasing to the eye and the overall appearance of the rifle is one of quality and solidity.’
    • ‘His funky forms investigate established formal concepts of solidity, transparency, interiority and symmetry.’
    • ‘There was nothing fancy about it, but the solidity of the masonry gave an impression of lasting durability.’
    • ‘Then the shade of Marx was gone, and the walls of the official residence had reassumed their reassuring solidity.’
    • ‘The effect of the paintings' intense color was often to dissolve the solidity of the architectonic structures.’
    • ‘I settled on the thin padding of the window seat and leaned against the reassuring solidity of the window frame.’
    • ‘James is all grown up; the mass of him, the physical solidity, possesses a palpable gravitational pull.’
    • ‘The set of bronzes by Degas in their spare solidity are arranged in front of two of his mistiest canvases and look all the bolder for that.’
    • ‘The rich tea biscuit is the right diameter but lacks a certain structural solidity for dunking.’
    • ‘The architects are confident that this structural solidity will not compromise floor layout flexibility.’
    • ‘The claret jug is an admirable specimen of one of the best Etruscan models, most graceful in outline, and yet presenting an unmistakeable appearance of solidity.’
    • ‘The stair is elegantly made, a light filigree of steel rod and plates that contrasts with the heavy mass concrete solidity of the vault.’
    solidity, body, corporeality, reality, actuality, materiality, concreteness, tangibility
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    1. 1.1 The quality of being reliable in character:
      ‘he exuded an aura of reassuring solidity’
      • ‘Does she miss the solidity of roles and characters that actresses enjoyed once upon a time?’
      • ‘Achieving solidity at the back doesn't merely depend on the efforts of individuals, however.’
      • ‘This is the echo of the reassuring solidity of that ‘Big Other’ of received wisdom in which we live and breathe.’
      • ‘Fathers are always supposed to be about solidity, a strong presence, reliance.’
      • ‘Nevertheless, the speeches he has been making recently have deservedly boosted his reputation and surprised people by their solidity and substance.’
      • ‘First, security is the state or condition of tranquility, solidity, reliability and freedom from danger or risk.’
      • ‘What needs to be understood at this point, by applying wisdom to your compassion, is how much solidity you are bringing to the situation.’
      • ‘To his team-mates and large sections of the public, Waite epitomised the solidity and dependability of the club player.’
      • ‘There was a solidity of integrity and humanity behind the dazzling charm that was matchless.’
      • ‘Mr Watts gives him just the right touch of solidity, tempered with understanding and humanity without losing credibility.’
      • ‘Pollock, who was by the driver's side through much of his early career and constantly during his days at Williams, provided some solidity.’
      • ‘But coming from Jol the words are backed by deeds, and by a solidity of both character and purpose.’
      • ‘It seems that many a man and cow have fallen into an everlasting embrace with eternity by confusing such glamour with solidity.’
      • ‘He was soft and firm all at once, solidity and comfort and relief, something she could touch, something that was real.’
      steadiness, firmness, sureness, secureness, solidity, strength, durability, lasting nature, enduring nature, constancy, permanence, changelessness, invariability, immutability, indestructibility, reliability, dependability
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