Definition of solid angle in English:

solid angle


  • A three-dimensional analogue of an angle, such as that subtended by a cone or formed by planes meeting at a point. It is measured in steradians.

    • ‘Gradually, we acquire independence in one cone after another until we have covered the entire solid angle of all the cones that compose it…’
    • ‘Equation 1 already includes a cos term to compensate for the solid angle, so adding a solid-angle term produces a result that is two times larger than the result in equation 2.’
    • ‘The solid angle in question is only p / 4 steradian, one-sixteenth of the entire sky.’
    • ‘The imaging system objective collects the unscattered incident light and the scattered light that falls within the solid angle defined by its numerical aperture.’
    • ‘The rest of it is some geometry, and knowledge about solid angles, which is not really interesting and hard to demonstrate without boring figures.’