Definition of solfeggio in English:


nounPlural solfeggi

  • 1An exercise in singing using sol-fa syllables.

    • ‘And we may find a clue in several survived manuscripts of solfeggio and esercizi.’
    • ‘At the ‘Conservatorio di Sant’ Onofrio’ in Napoli, during the 1780s, the work schedule was as follows: In the morning, one hour of singing difficult passages, one hour of literature and one hour of solfeggi in front of mirrors.’
    • ‘As a pedagogue, he contributed with a compendium of twenty-five singing solfeggi and some technical exercises for violin.’
    • ‘As a class lesson, center activity, or time-out activity, Music Only Formats are excellent worksheets to determine pitches, solfeggio, numbers, or letter names.’
    1. 1.1mass noun Solmization.
      • ‘Known variously as solmisation, solfeggio or solfège, numerous systems have appeared over the centuries, all fashioned to meet specific needs or based on divergent theories.’
      • ‘A number of educational methods have been built on sight-singing, particularly those of the Italian solfeggio, the English Tonic Sol-fa and, during the 20th century, the highly systematic method devised in Hungary by Kodály.’
      • ‘The teaching methods of Kodaly and Orff were incompatible with the Italian school system and social context so Joan decided that an appealing professional series of music books for learning solfeggio needed to be developed for the student population not enrolled in State Music Conservatories in Italy.’