Definition of solenoid in English:



  • A cylindrical coil of wire acting as a magnet when carrying electric current.

    • ‘If you coil the wire into a solenoid the fields around the wire sum up and you get a magnetic field similar to that of a bar magnet on the outside but you get a uniform magnetic field on the inside.’
    • ‘This pressurised hydraulic fluid is under the control of an electric solenoid or motor operated valve to achieve the force and position required each time a clutch and/or gear change is needed.’
    • ‘Please be careful if you try placing a magnet in your solenoid, as the magnet can shoot out.’
    • ‘A current of only 0-1.6 amps controls the solenoid.’
    • ‘When commanded by the powertrain control computer, the solenoids direct oil to valve lifters equipped with the switching mechanism.’
    • ‘Electronic solenoids actuate the clutch elements and these are close coupled to the clutches to optimize response time.’
    • ‘Without power supplied to the solenoid, the valve remains closed to water flow.’
    • ‘Nanoscopic wires grown in gold may be the world's smallest solenoids, according to new theoretical analysis of the structures.’
    • ‘An integral solenoid and detector switch stops the card from being removed until it is safe to do so.’
    • ‘People, when this fault is happening to you, it's either your solenoid or your circuit board.’
    • ‘The operation of the relays was greatly improved by the incorporation of ‘high speed diodes’ across their solenoids.’
    • ‘Every generator, transformer, solenoid and motor - from power stations to car ignition coils, computers and electric shavers - relies on coatings to insulate all the copper wire in its basic construction.’
    • ‘For further understanding of the energy in a magnetic field, you may want to study magnetic fields in solenoids.’
    • ‘The new Ford Torque-Shift 5-speed automatic transmission has electronic solenoids to activate the clutch packs, replacing the bands.’
    • ‘A wire to the transbrake solenoid broke on Trumble's car, allowing it to roll when he took his foot off the brake.’
    • ‘In addition to motors, components such as transformers, solenoids, and large capacitors also create high currents upon start-up.’
    • ‘Both BMW and Renault have shown concepts where valves are opened using electronic solenoids, while Fiat has demonstrated a hydraulic system.’
    • ‘The starter solenoid is essentially a large electronic switch that can handle that much current.’
    • ‘The player mechanism operated when a series of electro-magnetic solenoids - one for each key - responded to certain codes.’
    • ‘The coils would be used on the pressurized gas tanks as solenoids for the main shutoff valves, so they had to be rock solid reliable.’
    lodestone, magnetite
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Early 19th century: from French solénoïde, from Greek sōlēn ‘channel, pipe’.