Definition of solemnize in English:


(also solemnise)


  • 1Duly perform (a ceremony, especially that of marriage)

    ‘they needed only to find a priest to solemnize their marriage’
    ‘the sacred theatre in which rites of initiation were solemnized’
    • ‘The Hindu marriage is solemnised before the sacred fire.’
    • ‘The marriage was solemnized, and the bride and bridegroom left London.’
    • ‘Having at length obtained Alice's consent, Talbot needed only to find a priest to solemnize their marriage.’
    • ‘Although a rabbi was not needed to solemnize marriages, the rabbis suggest that their presence at weddings was desirable.’
    • ‘Once the proceedings gets formalised, the marriage is solemnised.’
    • ‘Shortly after his accession he solemnized his fateful marriage to Catherine, daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain and widow of his brother Arthur.’
    • ‘The term more familiar to most Indians for a marriage solemnised by a civil or government official, without any religious ceremony, would perhaps be civil marriage.’
    • ‘In September of 1943 my marriage was solemnised with V.S., who had come out of jail just then.’
    • ‘This is a marked fall from 1990 when over half of marriages were solemnised in a religious ceremony.’
    • ‘That marriage had been solemnised in 1978 according to the Islamic religion.’
    • ‘‘Because of the increasing cases of Aids cases in India, the church feels that priests should be convinced of the health status of couples before solemnizing their marriage,’ he said.’
    • ‘Governments have always claimed control over marriage, whether solemnized religiously or civilly.’
    • ‘A Sikh's marriage should be solemnized by Anand marriage rites.’
    • ‘The proportion of marriages solemnised by a religious ceremony has followed a similarly downward trend, falling from 60 percent in 1971 to 41 percent in 1997.’
    • ‘These pairs also included a Muslim couple whose marriage was solemnised according to Islamic rites.’
    • ‘Knowing that he is not authorized by the laws of this state to do so, he performs a marriage ceremony or presumes to solemnize a marriage.’
    • ‘The protection of the rights of a Jewish wife is so important that the marriage may not be solemnized until the contract has been completed.’
    • ‘The unusual marriage was solemnized at the Dharmasheela Buddha Vihar monastery with a three-hour ritual that was capped by eating festive food by relatives attending the ceremony.’
    • ‘Sikhs, on the other hand, do not give or take dowries, and they solemnize their marriages before the Granth, their sacred book.’
    • ‘It was unable to insert a clause in the Imperial Abolition Act allowing nonconformist ministers to solemnize marriages, as it was custom for colonial laws to follow rather than precede those in the metropolitan society.’
    perform, celebrate, ceremonialize
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    1. 1.1 Mark (an event) with a formal ceremony.
      ‘she made the promise which was solemnized by the local ‘witch doctor’’
      • ‘We sang America as our recessional, yet another indication that the date is now solemnized as an annual patriotic memorial.’
      • ‘And surely the ability of a religious reference to solemnize an event will depend on the religious beliefs of the person hearing the reference.’
      • ‘Her parents came to the US to solemnize the occasion.’
      • ‘In fact, the Founders sought to solemnize the most important public events by deliberately including religious language and appeals to divine providence in the text of their speeches and documents.’
      • ‘The policy called for high school students to vote on whether a student would deliver a ‘message’ or ‘invocation’ at varsity football games ‘to solemnize the event.’’
      indicate, label, flag, tab, tick, show the position of, show, identify, designate, delineate, denote
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Late Middle English: from Old French solemniser, from medieval Latin solemnizare, from Latin sollemnis (see solemn).