Definition of sole proprietor in English:

sole proprietor


North American
  • A person who is the exclusive owner of a business, entitled to keep all profits after tax has been paid but liable for all losses; a sole trader.

    ‘he is the founder and sole proprietor of a retail store in Philadelphia’
    • ‘As a sole proprietor, you may be the most dependable, long-term partner a business could ever hope to find.’
    • ‘Cyberespionage is a fact of modern life, unfortunately, whether you're a multinational corporation or the sole proprietor of an e-commerce site.’
    • ‘Bringing data backups home with you every day may work well if you're a sole proprietor or a very small business.’
    • ‘I'd rather go it as a sole proprietor because I work best on my own.’
    • ‘The company is targeting the smallest of the small end of the SMB: microbusinesses and sole proprietors.’
    • ‘The main plus of staying a sole proprietor is that it's the simplest structure to create and manage.’
    • ‘Sole proprietors don't usually have a regular salary.’
    • ‘Have you been struggling to get from a sole proprietor consultancy to an established business with employees?’
    • ‘Whether you are a sole proprietor or part of a large organization, your blog and social network profiles should reaffirm the purpose and goals of your business.’
    • ‘As well as being the sole proprietor and operator of her own hairdressing company, she is also the regular organist at Sunday morning and evening services at Radstock Methodist Church.’