Definition of solar wind in English:

solar wind


  • The continuous flow of charged particles from the sun which permeates the solar system.

    • ‘Saturn, its moons and highly structured rings live inside a huge cavity in the solar wind created by the planet's strong magnetic field.’
    • ‘On hitting the solar wind, the interstellar particles pick up a charge, becoming pickup ions.’
    • ‘That solar wind fluctuated in fast and slow bursts and had periods of 27 days, as Maunder had suggested 60 years before.’
    • ‘Saturn's magnetic field is blown out behind the planet by the solar wind - charged particles streaming off the Sun.’
    • ‘The solar wind also effects how cosmic rays reach the earth, which may have important consequences for earth weather and climate change.’
    • ‘But comets are shaped and affected by the Sun and the solar wind, making them more like kin than aliens.’
    • ‘The particles are discharged into space on the solar wind at a velocity of 1,000 kilometres per second.’
    • ‘First, as a red giant star, it emitted a slow solar wind of ionized particles that streamed into space, as all stars do.’
    • ‘The charged particles of the solar wind disturb parts of the atmosphere, which causes interference.’
    • ‘The Universe has its own heavenly sounds, such as pulsars, planetary magnetospheres and solar winds.’
    • ‘Charged particles from the solar wind become trapped in the magnetosphere near the Earth's poles.’
    • ‘At low energies, many of the particles themselves originate in solar flares, or are accelerated by shocks in the solar wind.’
    • ‘By knowing how auroras react to the solar wind, scientists can better determine the impacts of space weather in the future.’
    • ‘When the charged particles of the solar wind hit the atmosphere, various gases present in the atmosphere heat up, split apart molecules, and ionize atoms.’
    • ‘As the solar wind from the sun flows out beyond Pluto, it collides with the material between the stars, forming a shock front.’
    • ‘The Voyagers are examining the far reaches of the solar wind, a gusty flow of particles hurled outward by the Sun.’
    • ‘Now, observations show that Earth's outer atmosphere interacts dramatically with the solar wind and shields the planet from it.’
    • ‘Solar researchers have found that the electrified plasma of the solar wind flows out of the corona like water gushing through cracks in a dam.’
    • ‘The particles in the solar wind carry a charge, so they move along the field lines.’
    • ‘Although the solar wind produces beautiful auroras, it can also cause a variety of undesirable consequences.’