Definition of solar power in English:

solar power


mass noun
  • Power obtained by harnessing the energy of the sun's rays.

    • ‘Wind energy and solar power could be harnessed to heat the dwellings and provide enough energy for daily needs.’
    • ‘At some point the price of photovoltaics will plunge and solar power may become the biggest energy providers.’
    • ‘Renewable energy campaigners argued wind, wave, hydro and solar power can preserve the local environment from the effects of global warming.’
    • ‘On the energy front, he believes the future is in wind power and solar power, which are growing at a faster rate than the oil industry.’
    • ‘The novel air cooler that runs on solar power instead of electricity was the cynosure of all eyes.’
    • ‘With net metering, surplus solar power in excess of instantaneous loads spins the revenue meter backwards.’
    • ‘First of all, wind and solar power are not reliable sources of energy under some natural catastrophe scenarios.’
    • ‘They didn't have electricity, just a generator that got its power from solar power.’
    • ‘More solar power has been harnessed on the world's rooftops in the last two years than in all of previous history.’
    • ‘While hydro power has provided Scotland with clean electric power for decades, wind, wave and solar power are now entering a new era.’
    • ‘Renewable energy sources such as wind, wave and solar power, however, are clean, cheap and safe with no waste legacy for future generations.’
    • ‘Space harbors our best hope for future energy needs through solar power and other means that are available in space.’
    • ‘To help all houses to get insulation, solar power water heaters and energy efficient bulbs into their homes.’
    • ‘The lights are run on solar power, absorbing enough electrical energy during the day to power them at night.’
    • ‘Many Puerto Ricans use solar power for hot water heating, for example, but not for electricity.’
    • ‘Electric distillers work similarly to solar distillers, but rely on electricity rather than solar power.’
    • ‘The law, effective next year, sets tariffs in favour of non-fossil energy, such as wind, water and solar power.’
    • ‘Similarly, solar power can be harnessed where the regular supply of power is irregular.’
    • ‘The growth of solar power as an alternative source of energy has been quite slow, though a large amount of funds were being diverted for this cause.’
    • ‘The project will be powered by wind, wave and solar power, with any excess energy used to power the town.’
    energy, electrical power, nuclear power, steam power, water power
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