Definition of solar neutrino unit in English:

solar neutrino unit


  • A unit used in expressing the detected flux of neutrinos from the sun, equal to 10⁻³⁶ neutrino captures per target atom per second.

    • ‘The standard solar model predicts that a gallium detector should pick up between 125 and 132 solar neutrino units for all neutrinos from the various reactions that can occur in the Sun.’
    • ‘Neutrino astronomers often report their results in terms of solar neutrino units, or SNUs.’
    • ‘The latest experimental results correspond to 1 SNU, whereas solar models yield values higher by one order of magnitude.’
    • ‘This has shown neutrino rates that fluctuate around an average of 83 solar neutrino units.’
    • ‘The GALLEX experimenters report observation of 83 19 8 SNU (solar neutrino units, the standard measure of solar neutrino flux) while standard astrophysical models of the fusion processes in the sun would predict about 128 SNU.’