Definition of solar myth in English:

solar myth


  • A myth ascribing the sun's course or attributes to a particular god or hero.

    • ‘Your essay on the solar myth and rebirth in Sandman and American Gods with especial reference to the pagan themes and the use of Pan in the works of Kenneth Grahame was utterly and completely wrong.’
    • ‘According to the Egyptian solar myth, the sun journeys on its solar barque through the underworld each night, then emerges once more to sail across the heavens during the day.’
    • ‘We come upon solar myths and myths of the storm curiously blended with culture-myths, as in the cases of Hermes, Prometheus, and Kadmos.’
    • ‘For months they dawdled, with mounting asperity, until ‘my wife and I seriously began to question whether Thalberg even existed, whether he might not be a solar myth or deity concocted by the front office to garner prestige.’’
    • ‘Slammin’ Sammy Snead was the great solar myth of 20 th-century golf, a piece of folklore whose personality, values and outlook on life were stretched to coincide with his tremendous ability.’