Definition of solar maximum in English:

solar maximum

(also solar max)


  • The period in the sunspot cycle when solar activity is highest and sunspots are most abundant.

    ‘his latest batch of images capture flares and spots on the sun as it goes through its solar maximum’
    • ‘What you see in the photograph here, dated September 1991, is an X-ray image of the sun at solar maximum.’
    • ‘The explosion was an "X-class" solar flare, and during years around solar maximum, such as 1998, such flares are commonplace.’
    • ‘The solar maximum of 2000 also helped remove debris by expanding the outer atmosphere.’
    • ‘By the autumn of 2000, the Sun cooled off and less experienced Sun watchers began to speculate that solar max had come and gone.’
    • ‘The most recent data shows that the magnetic shield has lost its protective power during the recent solar maximum.’
    • ‘The cycle between solar minimum and solar maximum is eleven years.’
    • ‘During the solar maximum, the jet stream in the Northern Hemisphere moves northward.’
    • ‘"During the last solar max, we did not have the tools to follow solar activity in all layers of the solar atmosphere," she says.’
    • ‘It was pulsing and roiling at latitude 34 degrees, an unusual place for sunspots in the middle of solar maximum.’