Definition of solar mass in English:

solar mass


  • The mass of the sun used as a unit of mass, equal to 1.989 × 10³⁰ kg.

    • ‘Astronomers have confirmed that black holes weighing billions of solar masses lie at the heart of every galaxy and believe that some galaxies might contain pairs of black holes.’
    • ‘Around 73 percent of the Sun is hydrogen, 25 percent is helium, and all the other elements added together comprise less than 2 percent of the solar mass.’
    • ‘Those first generations of stars were made up of stars of many hundred solar masses.’
    • ‘But in our own solar system - if that's a typical example - the mass of everything other than the Sun adds up to less than two-tenths of 1 percent of the solar mass.’
    • ‘However, most neutron stars have a mass of about 1.35 solar masses, albeit with interesting exceptions.’