Definition of solar day in English:

solar day


  • The time between successive meridian transits of the sun at a particular place.

    • ‘Your operations duty time started one solar day ago.’
    • ‘Either timer will enable you to determine, with great accuracy, how long it takes for the Sun to revolve around the Earth: the solar day.’
    • ‘It is a planet with an unusual rotation rate, such that the solar day on Mercury lasts two Earth years.’
    • ‘Hence, saying that a 5000-kg dinosaur has to avoid the sun means that it has to reduce radiative heat load during a whole solar day.’
    • ‘Its eccentricity and inclination are greater than those of any other planet except Pluto, but its unique feature is that the year is actually shorter than the solar day!’
    twenty-four-hour period, full day, twenty-four hours, working day
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